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NEET 2024 Syllabus Reduced, NMC Official Good News

By Abhishek

Published on:

NEET 2024 Syllabus Reduced, NMC Official Good News

NEET 2024 Syllabus Reduced: National Medical Commission (NMC) official has released the good news NEET syllabus 2024. As per the latest update, the NEET 2024 syllabus has been reduced with the removal and addition of some topics in each subject.

There is some really good news that I have been waiting to share with you. I wanted to wait for the official link before giving you the update. On this Blog, we don’t spread rumors or make speculations just to get views. We only give you updates when they are official and clear. That’s what we stand for, and that’s why you trust us.

Now, if you go to the NMC website, you may see an error because there is too much traffic on the website. But don’t worry, I have the official link for you. You can find it on the NMC website. Let’s see what the official notification says.

NEET 2024 Syllabus Reduced, NMC Official Good News

Physics NEET Syllabus 2024 Chapter Wise

We have provided the detailed syllabus of Physics for National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) 2024 which will be conducted by NTA, the national testing agency in India. The syllabus mentions the list of Physics subjects that will be covered for NEET 2024. You can read the complete NEET syllabus here.

The following topics are included in the physics syllabus:-

  • Center of mass
  • Gravitation
  • Properties of solids
  • Thermodynamics
  • Kinetic energy
  • Oscillations
  • Waves
  • Electrostatics
  • Current electricity
  • Magnetic effects of current
  • Magnetic dipoles
  • Ferro and diamagnetic materials
  • Electromagnetic induction
  • Alternating currents
  • LCR AC circuits
  • Lenses
  • Eddy currents
  • Mutual inductance
  • Electromagnetic waves
  • Ray optics
  • Microscope and telescope
  • Optical instruments
  • Power of a lens
  • Internal reflection
  • Lens formula
  • Wave optics
  • Prism
  • Polarization
  • Diffraction
  • Brewster’s law
  • Modern physics
  • Electronic devices

In the Physics syllabus 2024, no chapters have been removed.

Chemistry NEET Syllabus 2024

These are some of the topics that have been removed from the Chemistry Syllabus 2024:

  • States of Matter
  • Hydrogen
  • S block
  • Environmental chemistry
  • Solid state
  • Surface chemistry
  • Metallurgy
  • Polymers
  • Chemistry in everyday life

In chemistry sallybus, some of the less important chapters have been removed, while the important ones are still there.

Biology NEET Syllabus 2024

The following topics have been removed from the biology syllabus:

  • Animal tissue
  • Cockroach
  • Earthworm
  • Transportation in plants
  • Mineral nutrition
  • Digestive system
  • Reproduction in organisms
  • Strategies to enhance food production
  • Environmental Issues

The remaining topics in biology are ecology, environment, biotechnology, and applications.

NEET Syllabus Change or Not

In my opinion, this update is both good and bad. In physics, no chapters have been removed, so it will be important to study everything. However, for those who have been preparing well, this is an advantage. In chemistry, some of the less important chapters have been removed, which can be seen as a good thing. In biology, many chapters have been removed, which may lead to increased competition among students. Overall, it will depend on how well you have prepared and how you handle the remaining chapters.

How to prepare for NEET Exam 2024?

Feel the competition will be slightly higher this time because the syllabus has been reduced. But if you have done well in all the subjects and know them perfectly, you will do extremely well. It might be advantageous or disadvantageous, but don’t worry, it’s the same for everyone. Concentrate only on the topics in the syllabus and don’t worry about the deleted parts. There is no time to cry or regret, only time to study. We have barely 6 months, so are you ready to up your game?

When will be NEET 2024 Registration Start?

The registrations will be opening up soon, so let me know in the comments how you like this notification. Are you ready to gear up your preparation to the next level? Let me know how well your preparation is going and motivate others to study well. Thank you and have a peaceful night!

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