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ICP COIN Price Prediction Today: Internet Computer Elliott Wave Technical Analysis

By Gaurav Kudekar

Published on:

ICP Wave Analysis

ICP COIN Price Prediction Today: ICP Wave Analysis is a powerful tool for traders and analysts to predict market trends and identify potential entry and exit points. This analysis is based on the Elliott Wave principle, which suggests that market trends repeat in specific patterns.

Potential Five-Wave Move Completed

The market has potentially completed a five-wave move, with the January highs and wave 2 unfolding as expected. The target area and rejection are in line with the wave analysis. The market is showing signs of a corrective pullback, with support levels at $410 – $8.32 and $950 – $940.

For a more detailed analysis, refer to the ICP wave analysis. The ABC correction structure provides further insights into the market’s behavior. Keep an eye on the support regions and the potential for a reversal as the market continues to evolve.

Corrective Pullback and Support Levels

In this post, we will discuss the concept of corrective pullbacks and support levels, focusing specifically on the topics of January Highs, Wave 2 Unfolding, Target Area and Rejection, ICP Wave Analysis, Potential Five-Wave Move Completed, ABC Correction Structure, and Support Regions.

Target Area and Rejection

Target Area and Rejection is a concept used in technical analysis to identify potential areas where the price of an asset may reverse or find support and resistance. The target area is the predicted range of prices at which the price may reverse, while rejection refers to the price failing to break through the resistance or support levels.

ABC Correction Structure

Target Area and Rejection

The target area for the correction is between $410 and $8.32 and $950 and $940. This area is crucial for the market to respect as a support and resistance level.

Support Regions $410–$8.32 and $950–$940


In this post, we will discuss the support regions $410–$8.32 and $950–$940 in the context of the Remember. We will explore the significance of these regions and their potential impact on the market.

Support Regions
$410 – $8.32

The support region of $410–$8.32 is an important area for the market. This area represents a potential floor for the market, meaning that if the market were to reach these levels, it could face significant resistance and potentially reverse its downward trend.

$950 – $940

Similarly, the support region of $950–$940 is another crucial area for the market. This area also represents a potential floor, and if the market were to reach these levels, it could face significant resistance and potentially reverse its downward trend.

January Highs and Wave 2 Unfolding

In this post, we will discuss the key aspects of January Highs and Wave 2 Unfolding. This topic is crucial for understanding the dynamics of the market and making informed decisions.


This analysis is based on the ICP wave analysis and may not be applicable to other topics mentioned earlier. Always conduct thorough research and consider other factors before making any trading decisions.

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