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Haseen Jahan’s new call recording leaked

By Gaurav Kudekar

Published on:

Haseen Jahan's new call recording leaked

The narrative opens with a working girl who is already married and a model. Later on, an issue emerges that first compels Sohar to depart. Haseen Jahan’s narrative is told here; she marries first. However, Haseen Jahan’s first marriage does not endure long for an unknown cause. Haseen Jahan’s first marriage produced two daughters. After getting divorced, Hasin Jahan relocates to Kolkata, where he works as a model and eventually joins the Kolkata Knight Riders as a CA.When Mohammed Shami and Hasin Jahan first meet, they immediately become close friends, to the point where they must get married. Haseen Jahan claims that her first marriage would not have ended if the BJP had been in power earlier and the triple talaq law had been put into place. Tell us why Haseen Jahan had her first divorce.

When did Shami and Haseen Jahan get married?

Haseen Jahan used to claim that it was in Kolkata during the IPL that she first met Mohammed Shami. Mohammed Shami participated in the IPL match as an extra player.

Shami and Hasin Jahan became good friends, despite the fact that Hasin Jahan was more busy and used to model. Still, Hasin Jahan gave Mohammad Shami permission to visit the house and see the two of them. Mohammed Shami and Hasin Jahan married in 2014; they had first met when they had a daughter.

Why was Hasin Jahan’s first marriage end in divorce?

According to Hasin Jahan, the former ex-husband had no intention of divorcing. Neither Hasin Jahan nor Hasin Jahan want a divorce.

It seems that the circumstances were so severe that Haseen Jahan had to file for divorce in an interview. According to Haseen Jahan, the marriage would not have ended in the first place if there had been a triple talaq.

Why did Haseen Jahan separate from Mohammed Shami?

Nothing improper occurred; rather, the point was that the man was in error. Had anything gone wrong, it would have been corrected; if I had erred, I would have corrected it; if he had erred, he would have corrected it.

Haseen Jahan ask, “I lost my modeling job after marriage and started depending on Mohammed Shami.” Hasin Jahan claims that I was never pleasantly taken on any tours by Mohammed Shami. When I went on tour, Mohammed Shami used to tell BCCI that he had to go because he couldn’t take his wife with him.

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Haseen Jahan’s new call recording leaked

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